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Granola Glamour is a lifestyle blog that explores concepts of self-awareness, wellness and modern values-based style (read: organic, green, sustainable, eco, slow, upcycled, vintage). I'm Raquel, the creator & writer over here. I'm also a yoga + spirit & lifestyle coach, former fashion editor & a lover of all things sustainable. Wanna know more? Read about MY STORY


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Sheila Kelley, The S-Factor & The Yin Effect (SHINE AMMO)

When I first stumbled upon this Tedx talk given by S-Factor pole dance workout creator, Sheila Kelley I have to say I was a bit skeptical....Pole dancing? A TED talk..Really?... But what unfolded was nothing less than a feminine revolution. In this paradigm shifting talk, Sheila Kelley explores the reclaimation of the female body and what she reveals is so full of liberation that I knew I had to share. So...Go. Watch. Listen...because you never know, your own empowerment just may be a pole away..


Your Past Is Just a Story



Beyond Sushi  (EAT)

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival (who knew??!!), and I must say what I found there was informative, fun but most of all D-E-L-I-S-H! Full of vendors from far and wide, one of my favorite foodie experiences came by way of a little known NYC gem called BEYOND SUSHI. Created by Fox Network's Hell's Kitchen finalist , Guy Vaknin, BEYOND SUSHI is just that....amazing & artful sushi sans the fish. I know....Sushi without the fish??? But don't get it twisted, a bunch of sad cucumber rolls this is not...

Committed to sushi that's as gorgeous as it is delicious, if it's plant-based & a guaranteed taste-sensation it's in there. Full of inventive combos like: grilled haricot vert + mangos + avocado + shiitake mushrooms and basil marinated veggies with sweet potato....After sampling their Green Machine roll all I could think of was how can I get more of this in my belly? 

BEYOND SUSHI ...Trust me, it's all the flavors of the vegetarian rainbow (and then some) represented on your plate and in your tummy. YUM!

For more info head to Beyond Sushi @ 229 East 14th St. New York, NY 10003 


So Close You Can Taste It (GREEN HOUSE PORN)